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Traveling Exhibition 

Quick Facts:
  • A project of the Mel Fisher Maritime Museum

  • Designed for families and teens

  • Over 100 period objects and documents

  • Engaging, interactive content 

  • Flexible installation in as little as 3,000 sq. ft.

  • Educational tools for onsite and community use

  • Promotions toolkit/Community outreach

  • 3 month venues with installation support staff; 365 days a year technical support

  • Empty case and up to 2 custom panels to support related local history can be provided

Lease Terms:
  • Booking deposit

  • Installation period of seven days for installation and 5 days for take-down

  • Host provides set-up and take-down crew of 6

  • Certificates of insurance

  • Host institution pays inbound shipping for 1 trailer load

For more information, calendar, and pricing, contact:

Madeleine H. Burnside, Curator

Mel Fisher Maritime Museum   cell: 502-409-1601

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