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Mance Jackson, leads civil rights march in Seattle, 1963

The Dallas Cowboys, led by owner Jerry Jones, center, take a knee prior to the national anthem before an NFL football game on September 25, 2017 in Arizona.

Education and Outreach

This exhibit is rich in education outreach program possibilities. The  exhibition includes  an exhibition tour guide specific to the exhibition (grades 4-7  and grades 8-12 ) as well as general teaching guidelines for the topic of the Transatlantic Slave Trade. Several downloadable teachings guides support the exhibition, as do other educational strategies, such as a guidelines for program themes for adults, together with a list of suggested speakers and panelists.

The Conversation on Race

Racial prejudice and the struggle for social Justice continue to haunt us in the 21st century. 


This exhibition provides a unique opportunity to educate people of all backgrounds as to the experiences, methods, and debates around this subject.  Place your institution at the heart of healthy healing for this country’s current divisions and the development of the steps that must be taken to provide a brighter future in your community.

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